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WELCOME......You've found Restore Counseling and it is my sincere hope that you find the help you are looking for. I realize that for many; by the time you decide to look for counseling your problems have existed for quite some time.  Finding the right counselor is an important decision. My goal is to create  a compassionate environment that you feel safe to share your story and the thoughts and emotions you are experiencing. 


I believe the counseling process is about YOU - at this point - on the timeline of your life’s journey. Counseling for depression, anxiety, anger, addictions and relationship stress is only a call away. 

 My desire is to help you process and alleviate your emotional distress so you may discover a new sense of freedom and renewed outlook on your life and relationships. The counseling process can be a source for you to become unburdened from habits and ways of thinking that may have worn out their usefulness. Many times, solutions that we've applied to our problems end up becoming problems themselves. If your solution to your problem has now become a problem- it's time for change. I am very sensitive to the fact that change is a process and work with you - where you are at in this process. 

My goal is to help you build hope and become empowered to recognize your true self and unearth hidden strengths and resources to address your problems and experience freedom. 

Moving forward in life often involves overcoming adversity, tragedy, injustice and sometimes seemingly insurmountable odds. Counseling will provide you the opportunity to see yourself, your relationships, and your life with renewed perspective as you process through difficult emotions, learn new skills and become a healthier and happier person. I look forward to helping you feel better.    

Warmest Regards, Sue Mocniak, MSW, LSW, CDCA

    It's normal to have questions when looking for a counselor-feel free to ask me about my services and what to expect.